SMEs Consulting

For New Business Set-up

Working with various SMEs of the country, we observed, the SME nature of companies has tremendous potential for growth but they are unable to leverage it because of lack of market linkages, exposure to the changing business environment and support system to scale the business opportunities.

We have helped clients in -

  • Industry Research and Opportunity size assessment

  • Need gap Assessment

  • Market Research for the new business idea

  • Business plan development and Break-even Analysis

  • Concept Testing

  • Feasibility Study

  • The unit setup

KOVLLP’s team have vast experience of working with Indian SMEs and supporting them in

scaling their business to newer heights.

How we work with client -


Mentoring Support

We help in concluding the business idea and direction.

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Research & Viability Check

Undertake Market Research and develop financial viability assessment of the idea.


Handholding Support

Support in onboarding resources - Land, Raw Material, Labour, Finance, Govt Schemes etc.) 


Expansion Plan

Develop Go-to market plan, marketing channel setup and customer acquisition support to scale the business

Our Work credentials in supporting SME clients in "New business set-up"


Shortlisted and suggested best manufacturing business idea for export

Client has 30+ years of professional stint as a General Manager with a FMCG product manufacturing company. Client wish to get early retirement and want to set-up a manufacturing unit for products which can be exported. We had provided following services to the client:

  • Shortlisting the sector

  • Zero down on product which can be manufactured

  • Identify the product mix based on availability of financial resource and land

  • Develop Go-to Market Plan

Support in setting up a new Dairy and Immunity boosting Food Products manufacturing unit

Client is a Jaipur based large business group primarily into the business of real estate and construction. Client had a large land bank on which the group wish to set-up a new manufacturing unit based on raw material available in the surrounding region. KOVLLP were on boarded for following support

  • Shortlisting of the product which can be manufactured

  • Evaluating the promoter’s fitment, resources, pros and cons for manufacturing the products identified

  • Concluding on product to be produced

  • Identify the total potential market shortlisted  in selected geography

  • Identify the top geographies having highest potential for each of the product line

  • Undertake a detail competition assessment

  • Identify optimum channel and ways to market the product


Market Research and Potential market size for assessment for a new idea

Client is tech product innovator who has developed IOT based automation product which has application for household need, at manufacturing units and various application for Government and Utility companies. Client wish to undertake a detail market research and market potential assessment study for the new concept. Our scope of work were

  • To identify demand assessment which can be tap immediately
  • To identify the potential market size which can be captured post educating the concept in market 

  • To understand the business size of direct and indirect competition

Feasibility study cum Business Plan Preparation for batteries plant to be used in Electric Vehicles

The Client, is a North India based SME wish to enter into manufacturing of batteries which can be used in Electric Vehicles. The client had already acquired the land for the proposed unit. Before making the further investment in the proposed plant, client wish to understand the commercial feasibility of the whole idea and develop a financial business plan. KOVLLP team was on boarded for:

  • To evaluate recourse requirement– Finance, Labor, Machine, Raw Material etc.
  • The report had helped promoter(s) to give clue on financial viability of the whole project

  • Promoter(s) had clear visualize of the entire business model in document format

  • The report of the project was used for bank loan application and also submitted to government for various clearance and scheme applications. 


Market Assessment study for setting up agro based products unit in Gujarat

The Client, is a family of professionals who wish to enter into agro based product’s manufacturing in Gujarat or Rajasthan. The client had shortlisted some products which can be manufactured based on the raw material availability in the surrounding region. The client on boarded KOVLLP team to get answers of following questions:

  • How much is the market need
  • What is the current supply gap

  • Who could be the customer in India and in International market (In which countries major sales is happening and list of some customers)

  • How much capital required to set-up a the manufacturing unit of both product line

  • What size of plant can be developed

  • What is the break-even period

  • Which all machines required

  • How many staff members required

  • Who are supplier of those machines

  • From where the raw material to be sourced

  • Who all are competition and what is their strategy

  • How to market the product

  • Who could be possible customers/channel partners

  • Which all relevant government schemes


Market Assessment and Go to Market plan for Dairy products

The Client, is a dairy product manufacturing company but largely in an unorganized segment. Client wish to expand the business in a organized manner and wish to get into premium products across major cities following in the Delhi Mumbai corridors through retail locations and other possible allied channels. The client on boarded us for following scope:

  • Identify the current buying pattern of same or similar products by the existing as well as potential customers

  • Identify the triggering factors of buying same or similar products 

  • In-depth understanding of Competition, their on the road action and future plans

  • Conceptualize client’s potential go-to market strategy

  • Evaluate returns on the estimated efforts and resources to be engaged


Market Research study for setting up a E-waste recycling plant in  South India

The Client, is an organization based of Hyderabad wish to enter into new business of setting up a Recycling E-waste unit in southern part of the country. The client on boarded KOVLLP for following purposes:

  • To evaluate the potential market size  and opportunity assessment for a new entrants in recycling e-waste business

  • To identify the potential location for setting up the plant among the predefined 3 states.

  • To evaluate recourse requirement– Finance, Labor, Machine, Raw Material etc.

  • To conclude whether to  set-up the plant or not

Study for setting up a Solar Panel Manufacturing unit in Central India

The Client wish to start a Solar Panel Manufacturing unit in industrial zone of Central India based on geography where Government is open for providing facilities, incentives and also easy availability of raw material. KOVLLP was on boarded for following purposes:

  • To evaluate the potential market size  and opportunity assessment for a new entrants in Solar Panel Manufacturer in the pre-defined geography

  • To estimate the capital required to set-up a Solar Panel Manufacturing unit

  • To suggest what size of plat will be optimum to set-up considering the available resource and market need

  • To identify and support in the business operation process

  • To develop clue on Go-to Market plan


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