Pet Food manufacturing unit

Market Overview
  • Pet food market is approx. USD 38.6 billion market in 2020 and expected to be of USD 53.2 billion market by 2025, growing at CAGR of 6.6%.

  • In India, Pet food market is approx. USD 462 million market in 2021 and expected to be of 700 million market by 2025, with CAGR of 13.9%.

Segments and Sub segments
  • The Pet Food product can be further seen into following sub segments:

Pet foods segments.png
Market opportunity
  • India has an estimated 19 million pets, of which 80% are dogs. The pet food market is witnessing a strong double-digit growth owing to an increase in pet humanisation; people are willing to spend more on their pets. Significant market for organic treats and natural products among high-end consumers in the metros

Countries spending on Pet food industry
Pet foods_spending.png
  • In global comparison, most revenue is generated in the United States US$33,007m in 2021

  • 70% of the market is dominated by major 1-3 players who are offering variety of pet food

  • success of e-commerce portals have recorded tremendous growth in sales of Pet food

  • Dog food holds the largest market share in the Pet food ingredients Market

Report coverage

The report is a detailed business plan of Pet Food manufacturing unit in India. The report covers

  • Introduction

  1. Report structure and approach

  2. Product variants in Pet food

  3. Segments and Sub segments

  • Market Data

  1. Global Market size – Current and Future

  2. Indian market size – Current and future

  3. Variant wise market size – Current and future

  4. Nature of buyer wise – Current and future

  5. Demand supply gap and the size of business opportunity

  • Manufacturing details

  1. Raw material required

  2. Manufacturing process

  3. Machines required

  4. Details of machine and raw material suppliers

  5. Licenses and certificates required

  6. Operational Manpower requirement and organization chart

  • Existing players and their profile

  1. Players in the market

  2. Detail profile – Revenue, customer, size, team profile etc.

  3. SOWT of major players

  • International Trade

  1. India’s historical import and export – By value and volume

  2. Major Exporting destinations

  3. Major importing destinations

  4. Major players buying from India (with their contact details)

  5. Major players supplying to India (with their contact details)

  6. Major Indian players importing from outside India and reasons for the same

  • Government schemes and support

  1. State wise government schemes and subsidies

  2. Government policy

  • Financial Plan

  1. Capex required

  2. Opex requirement

  3. Forecasted Income and Expenditure statement

  4. Break Even Analysis

  5. IRR & ROI

  • The business idea analysis

  1. Summary of business prospects

  2. SWOT Analysis of the business

  3. Market Dynamics

  4. Trade channels and margins

  5. Associated risk with the business and possible mitigation plan

  • Go -to Market Strategy

  1. Strategic options to enter market

  2. Resource requirement for each strategic option

  3. Pros and Cons of each strategic option

  4. Other resource requirement

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